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traveling to India

Arrival Airport

You will need to fly into the Chennai International Airport (MAA) located at GST Rd, Meenambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600027, India.



We recommend flying either Emirates or Etihad, but you may choose any airline that works for your budget and timeline. 

Airport Counter

Flight Cost

Flight costs are going to change depending on a variety of factors. Plan to budget around $2,000 US per person for an economy flight.

Airplane Engine

Flight Duration

In total, expect at least 24 hours of travel time from the United States to India. We recommend a layover in Dubai, but you may choose any flight that you prefer. 

Family in Airport


You need to have a valid US passport to fly internationally. Please review the US passport guidelines to apply or ensure that you have a valid passport.

Travel Bag


You will need to apply for an E-Visa in order to enter India. The application and answers to additional questions can be found here.

Travel Agency

Government Guidelines

Please review the US government guidelines for traveling internationally before planning your trip. Pay close attention to entry & exit requirements.

Laws and regulations

Smart Traveler Program

We advise that you and anyone you're traveling with sign up for STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) before you leave. More information on the details of the program can be found here


Important Documents

It isn't required, but we recommend making photocopies of important documents like birth certificate, driver's license, etc. It's also a good idea to have copies of these documents saved electronically to a drive.

Binder and Files


Review the CDC website for recommendations on vaccinations. You can opt to be vaccinated via a government clinic, a private clinic, or not be vaccinated.



Review the CDC website for suggestions on what medications to pack. Keep in mind many similar medications for general ailments will be available, but not prescriptions or brand names.

Medicine Boxes


India uses the Indian Rupee as currency. While some transactions are electronic, we recommend exchanging money before your arrival. Rideshare drivers most often expect cash payment.

Bank Notes


While all wedding events will take place at the Taj Connemara Chennai, when you need to get around otherwise during your stay, we recommend downloading the Uber app. Most driver's preferred to be paid in cash so please have some at all times.

Tuk Tuk

Travel from Airport

The trip from the airport to the hotel is about 10 miles or 30 minutes. You will be responsible for getting yourself from the airport to the hotel and back. We recommend downloading the Uber app.

Vip Ride

Driver's Licenses

We do not recommend getting an international driver's license and renting a card to get around in Chennai. There are significant differences in cars, road rules, and driving styles. To be safe, please opt for ridesharing to get around.

Driving Car Stereo


All wedding events will take place at the Taj Connemara Chennai . All guests will have rooms provided for them once they have RSVPed for the wedding. The hotel booking is for the duration of the wedding events only. See more information here.

Hotel Reception


The Taj Connemara Chennai will be catering food for each of the wedding events. Outside the hotel you can find many delicious food options. We have provided some recommendations here

Vegetarian Thali


We recommend only drinking beverages from sealed containers or those that have been disinfected. Be very aware of the source of your beverages. Avoiding having drinks with ice in them. 

Plain Water
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